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Ninjunu is Los Angeles' trusted resource for qualified, high-value, personalized tech support for your small business or home office.

With Ninjunu, you can count on getting a truly experienced tech professional. Each ninja in the Ninjunu marketplace is approved to post their listing only after proving themselves in an interview, skills assessment testing, and background checks. Our tech ninjas are fully well-rounded in their service category (Mac, PC, mobile, or training), and can handle just about any issue.

Technology has become so intertwined in our lives that it’s no longer sufficient to just know how to set up your computer. To be a full participant in today’s technological world, most of us need to lean on someone with more technical skills... someone who can troubleshoot and resolve issues from many computing disciplines. Our ninjas have been vetted to support just about any devices and technical issues you might encounter at your home or your small business.

There are many highly skilled tech experts out there looking to supplement their primary income, and they are a perfect fit for small businesses and home offices looking for personal, onsite, and highly qualified computer support. But you need an IT black belt to find them! So we made it easy for you...

Instead of requiring you to identify what your technical problem is, we’ve setup our system so you just select the key categories in which you required help. Just pick one or more form Mac, Windows, PC, or Mobile. If you have any questions, call us and we will ensure you get matched up with the best possible tech ninja that suits your needs in your community! You can find us at our Member’s Services number at 1-888-NINJUNU or 1-888-646-5868.

  • Repair and Tune Up!
  • Virus & Malware Removal and Protection
  • Wifi and Network Connectivity
  • Backups and Transfer of Data
  • Install / Uninstall Software
  • Setup New Computer and Peripherals
  • Setup Email and Online Presence
  • Troubleshoot Computers, Printers, you name it!
  • Setup a New iOS and Android Device
  • Setup Peripherals
  • Setup your Email
  • Synchronize devices
  • Install & configure mobile apps
  • Microsoft Office
  • Windows Operating System
  • Mac Operating System
  • Social Networking

What services do the tech ninjas provide?

Install and Setup – Our tech ninjas can help you setup your new devices just the way you expect it to work. Leave the tech support hassle to us… so you can focus on what you do best!

  • Install and Setup of your Mac, PC and/or Mobile devices
  • Setup a New Printer for use on your Mac, PC and/or Mobile devices
  • Install and Setup Internet access
  • Install Programs
  • Install / Uninstall Software
  • Setup users for your Small Business

Protect (Safe & Secure) – The internet is the wild wild west, and Our tech ninjas can help keep you cybersafe! Whether you’ve purchased a new product, aren’t sure you’re doing the best to protect your assets, or just need an overall health and safety check, our tech ninjas can help!

  • Virus and Malware Removal and Protection
  • Security Updates to ensure smooth and secure operating systems
  • Password management

Support and Maintain – Our tech ninjas can help support and maintain all of your technology whether you’re at your home or your small business!

  • Computer Repair and Help
  • Computer Tune Up
  • Troubleshoot Issues with your Computer, Printer

Get computer lessons and become your own ninja! – Our tech ninjas are skilled and patient instructors. They can teach you to better use the technology and also guide you toward focusing on just the aspects of your tech that you really need.

  • Basic Computer
  • Office