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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Ninjunu tech ninjas provide service remotely or onsite?

    Our tech ninjas offer personalized, professional, and efficient services right in your home office or small business. We are proud to offer the best service in person where we can examine your hardware and have the opportunity to identify any hiccups in your workflow that may be contributing to the problems you are reporting.
  • How much does it cost?

    Pricing is one of the best features of our marketplace. Here is how it works:

    After a tech pro passes our rigorous interviews, skills assessment testing, and background checks, they post their bios and hourly rates, which can range from $50-$150/hour. All tech missions are a one-hour minimum, though some tech ninjas may require 90-120 minute minimum if they are driving long distances for your tech mission.

    You will be asked for your credit card information when you select a tech ninja and book your tech mission. Your contact and credit information is collected by Ninjunu’s highly secure, PCI-compliant payment gateway. Upon completion of the tech mission, you will be charged for the number of hours for your job. From this total, Ninjunu takes a 30% service fee to support our platform, hiring, software costs, marketing, and all the things that makes our marketplace thrive. With Ninjunu, there are no hidden fees.

  • Who are the tech ninjas?

    The team at Ninjunu works hard to seek and vet tech ninjas who have a minimum of two years’ experience in the information technology field. They are top tier desktop support technicians, highly accredited engineers, IT managers, or senior-level tech trainers. Before tech ninjas are accepted into the Ninjunu marketplace, we interview every one of our techs and administer skills assessment testing, and background checks.

    Our tech ninjas are a cut above! We seek tech ninjas who are passionate about technology and always enriching themselves with continuing education and the latest developments in tech. We know how to spot a tech expert who enjoys the process of critical thinking and the creativity of problem solving. We all know the wisdom in the expression, You get what you pay for. At Ninjunu, we find the best tech ninjas... and they get paid accordingly: our techs earn more per hour than their peers at the traditional big box stores with brand names.

    Every Ninjunu tech ninja is more than a first tier desktop support professional. They are vetted techs who have proven themselves proficient in the majority of their Mac, mobile, PC, or training service category.

  • How do I become a Ninja?

    You think you have the technical chops to be a tech ninja at Ninjunu? Great! Ninjunu is accepting applications on a rolling basis.

    Just click Become a Ninja from our homepage and sign up for Ninjunu as a ninja. (This button is enabled only if you are not already logged into the site.) You will be prompted to fill out basic profile information. Upon submission of your basic profile, our recruiting department will reach out to you with the next steps.

  • What are the main differences between Ninjunu and other services like Geek Squad or Genius Bar?

    Ninjunu offers a totally different business model which improves service for the clients and working wages for the tech ninjas. Here's how:

    Value. The foundation of Ninjunu’s business model is that we connect local pros from your neighborhood directly to you, thereby reducing the overhead and cost to you for similar expertise. Meanwhile, our techs are more qualified and they make a far greater hourly wage than techs at the big name brand outfits.

    Simplicity. We don’t think it is your responsibility to define exactly what your technical issue is in order to get great technical support. If you could really diagnose it, you probably wouldn't be seeking a tech ninja. So we bring onboard only those tech ninjas who are total experts in one of our four categories: Mac, Mobile, PC, or training. By hiring a tech ninja to come diagnose and repair your hardware or software, you are getting a true expert to come onsite. Your tech ninja will know far more than the first steps to troubelshoot and repair your equipment. Many of our tech ninjas are experts in more than one category, and they can all to top tier desktop support and basic networking. Most have even more technical skills.

    Your neighbors trust us. We are proud to be one of the pioneers of the collaborative economy. What does this mean? We organize local tech ninjas, promote them, and help them reach the very people who need their skills. After they complete a tech mission clients rate and review them - just like on Yelp or Airbnb - so you know which tech ninjas are trusted in your community.

  • Which service should I select for my technical support needs?

    We don’t think it is your responsibility to define exactly what your technical issue is in order to get great technical support. If you could really diagnose it, you’d probably not need a tech ninja! So we make it simple for you: just tell us if you need help with your Mac products, PC, your mobile devices, or if you want training (computer lessons). Yes, it’s that easy!

    Still have questions? No problem! Give us a call at 888-NINJUNU / 888-646-5858, and we will help you book the right tech ninja for your job.

  • Exactly what kind of services do you provide for my small business or home office?

    Our tech ninjas can do just about everything! Please see our Services page for more details.